Seawaves Institute of Logistics offers a range of professional development courses for the international freight sector.


Our Institute works continuously at improving the courses we offer. The training courses we offer are intellectually designed by experts.


Because we Chalk and Talk. Our courses are highly brainstorming as they are interactive.


Seawaves Institute of Logistics, through International Trade Accreditation of its courses, offers a range of training and professional development opportunities for the international freight forwarding sector. These include Short Courses in Export and Import Compliance matters as well as range of hands on training designed to meet both National and International standards.

Our courses are practical oriented rather than theory.

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We continuously improve our courses based on our latest research and feedback from participants. All our courses contain unique content which cannot be found elsewhere. We are happy to assist your development programme / project with a complete range of support packages ranging from mentoring, and coaching, to hands-on consultancy, or to deliver standard or tailored course content to your in-house workshops. Our training courses are designed by experts who were trainers themselves with considerable experience. Therefore they understand the needs of trainers and the courses are structured keeping in mind the needs of the present day training.

Our trainers have broad and in-depth knowledge and wide range of practical experience, actually implementing these practices in a variety of real businesses around the world in line management and senior consulting roles.Our trainers do believe in the fact that the knowledge is fully attained only when it is shared, which has been Seawaves’s motto in the first place. Seawaves helps you in harvesting your hard work through soft skills in a much smarter way.

And finally our aim is to not only to make you think differently, but to act differently.


Emphasis is given on the growth of the individual as a teacher and also to the teaching methodologies. The programs include group activities and importance is attached to research. The students are taught to analyze the needs of students and teach accordingly. It is a complete course including all modules of training in freight forwarding. The courses are structured to provide education and problem solving in about equal proportions.

Our Training sessions are unique in any different ways-including field trips, come join us and feel the uniqueness inside you after the sessions.


✦ Encouraging the needs of Student planning to develop Knowledge in Logistics
✦ Until now there has not been a course of study that is specifically targeted at Students Entering in to Freight Forwarding.
✦ Our Logistics Tour Introduces Students to Key Locations connected to Shipping and Logisitcs Industry.


The success story of our alumnus

We have been mentoring young minds and creating a trademark in the field of logistics. Our students are professionals in their own way, here are some of the professionals who have been a part of our institution.
After the course I used the on the job training which is for unlimited period, every day there is new thing to learn. Thanks to Seawaves for giving me Course, Certificate and On the Job Training. - Masters Degree in LSM    Karuppaswamy
Now I have a Air Cargo Certificate and Knowledge of how to handle air cargo shipment, I am waiting for on the job practice session to be offered. - Master Degree in LSM    Premji
Airfreight overview is new to me inspite of my logistics studies. The pictures and videos used are so unique and relates directly to the course. - Masters Degree in LSM    Nallasivam
All new information I learned, little time to learn the BIG subject, I have to come back again. - BA Corporate, Entarant to Logistics    Narmada
I am now more confident than before the session. I now have a good understanding of what knowledge I was missing. - Masters Degree in LSM    G.Balaji




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